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Back Roots

T.V. Pilot Log Line

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Adapting A Novel To A Screenplay

Learn about Adapting A Novel to a Screenplay, the difference between novels and screenplays, the steps for adapting a book to a script, example of a character from a book cut out of an adaptation, plots changed in adaptations, staying true to the book and examples of popular movie adaptations.


My Comedy Story Idea Checklist on Youtube

Want to learn how to write a comedy? Need ideas for a comedy story?

  • Want to learn how to write a comedy?

  • Are you having trouble writing a comedy story?

  • Need ideas for your comedy?

Then let's go over my Comedy Story Idea Checklist!


  • What kind of comedy are you writing? What type of character is your main character? What kind of goals can your lead character have? What is your subplot? Types of Antagonists Types of supporting characters 5 Elements every comedy screenplay needs. 

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Create your comedy story with this step by step form. This form will give you some ideas of what kind of comedy screenplay you want to write, what kind of characters you want in your story and certain elements a comedy script needs to help you along your comedy writing journey.

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As a writer, I don’t just use words to describe what I see; I create stories and scenes that take the reader to somewhere new and unexpected. To get a better sense of my work, please feel free to watch my official Trailers below.


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