Wake Up - Comedy

Short Screenplay

June, 2023

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Dollar Bills

Wake Up

First Page - Preview



B.J. is an overweight black man in his late fifties. He is deceased and lays in a casket that sits in the front of the room. Various seats are filled with people who are either crying or just sitting quietly staring into space or staring at B.J's lifeless body.

CHERYL is an attractive black woman in her late forties. She sobs loudly and hysterically as she is comforted by a younger black woman DAUGHTER who is in her early twenties.

An Odd looking Man BROTHER walks into the room. He is Black and in his early fifties. The Brother is dressed sloppy, he wears baggy jeans, a black T-shirt and sneakers. He looks malnourished and is missing teeth. Cheryl and some of the other people stare at him disgusted. They turn away ignoring him as he quickly sits in the back of the room and sadly looks down and waits.

Suddenly a Caucasian man LAWYER well dressed in a business suit enters and stands in front of the casket. The Lawyer looks around the area of the casket as everyone stares at him bewildered.

The Lawyer politely smiles at everyone and then looks at his watch and waits.

Cheryl sobs and whispers to her Daughter, who then nudges a young attractive man in his late twenties SON sitting next to her.


Hello, Sir.





Who are you?



I’m your Father’s lawyer.

Cheryl quickly collects herself.

Smart TV

Wake Up

 Second Page - Preview

Your not his lawyer, I know his


You knew his lawyer, I’m his new

lawyer. He fired the other lawyer.

Cheryl gasps.

What do you mean? Mr. Haultman has

always been his lawyer - our lawyer...

Sorry Ma’am, that is what happened.

Cheryl starts getting angry and looks at everyone.

Do you see - do you see what I keep

going through with that man? Even dead he still wants to hurt me and his children...

Cheryl starts waling and a tall muscular black man dressed in a business suit walks into the room towards the Lawyer. Cheryl quickly stops crying and looks surprised as she leans forward trying to listen to the two men whisper to each other.

The Lawyer points to an area beside the casket and the muscular man nods and walks out.

And who was that - another lawyer he hired? Does everyone see this?

What’s going on here? What are you doing? Your ruining my husbands wake...

Oh no Ma’am - this is what your

husband wanted.

Cheryl grabs her chest as if in pain and sobs loudly as her daughter consoles her. Some people in the room look uncomfortable or annoyed by her loud sobbing.

The Brother sitting in the back looks confused, but sadly looks down again.

The muscular man walks back into the room carrying a big screen television and sets it down on a table near the casket.