The Fall and Rise of Lucifer - Thriller

Short Screenplay

The story of Lucifer the first angel created by God, Lucifer’s fall from the heavens and his reason for his rise to becoming the Devil.


The Fall and Rise of Lucifer

First Page - Preview


There is a mountain, the only mountain surrounded by and miles of desert. A crater sits at the top of the mountain’s plateau. We get very close to the crater analyzing the crater and soon go inside the crater.


We are inside the crater and quickly go deeper and deeper into the mountain’s core. We have now travelled miles and miles inside the mountain and deep below the ground. It is pitch black until a bright reddish light appears to show a small tunnel.

We follow the light that shines through the tunnel. The light gets brighter and brighter until we enter into a big cavern. There are lava pits of all sizes scattered throughout the cavern’s ground. We get to the cavern’s wall and at the base of the wall there is a long white feather lying on the ground.

A hand with reddish skin and black veins appears. The hand picks up the feather and slowly plays with the feather.


Heaven is beyond beautiful, the stars and planets can be seen clear and close. It is a place where there is no time and only infinity exists.

LUCIFER The first Angel ever created by God appears.

Lucifer is naked and his wings barely cover him as he lays motionless in the fetal position. He appears to be of perfect form. His beauty is beyond perfect. He has a childlike innocence to his face as he sleeps. He finally awakes and is puzzled as he looks around the strange place.

Lucifer’s wings spread and surprises him. He stares at his wings and thinks to himself and smiles. He starts to run back and forth laughing and jumps into the air. He is yelling with excitement as he flies through the air.

Lucifer is suddenly startled by something he hears. He hovers and looks around frantically.


Who is there?


The Fall and Rise of Lucifer

Second Page - Preview

Lucifer listens and becomes calm.


Who are you?

Lucifer thinks to himself.


Father, where are you? Why can’t I

see you?

Lucifer looks confused.

I don’t understand? Who am I?

Where am I?

Lucifer looks around and smiles proudly. He laughs out loud with enthusiasm. He lands back on the ground and quickly looks to his right. Lucifer sees someone on the ground. He walks over and stares at another angel lying peacefully asleep.

Lucifer looks disappointed as he analyzes the other angel. Lucifer is hesitant, but he kneels down and hesitantly touches the other angel and looks disheartened.


Who is he? Michael...

Lucifer wakes MICHEAL. Michael awakens and looks scared. He looks around confused and Lucifer is hesitant.



MICHAEL - The archangel and the leader of the angels. He looks almost as perfect as Lucifer.


Where am I?

You are in the kingdom of heaven.

Lucifer stares at Michael suspiciously.

I don’t understand - and who are


I am Lucifer and you are Michael.


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