Past. Present. Future...

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April, 2020

A bashful and friendly Red Rose called Rosaline is the only rose in the garden. The garden is full of an assortment of flowers, especially a certain flowery group made up of an orange Tulip; a Violet flower, a white Orchid and a very tall and beautiful Sunflower. 

Rosaline has been bullied by the flowery group since she budded out of the ground. It has made Rosaline very sad, she doesn't like herself anymore and does not enjoy her daily activities as she used too. 

One day a swarm of Bumblebees arrives to collect pollen from the flowers, well all but one bumblebee. Bobbee the Bee is different from the other bees. He has a short-wing that makes it difficult to keep up with the other Bumblebees. 

Bobbee befriends Rosaline and notices how badly the other flower's treat her. Bobbee stands up against the annoying flowers and explains to Rosaline what it means to be different and they quickly become buddies.

This inspiring and emotional story is the perfect way to explain to your child how much bullying affects a person.  It is a way to show children how to be empathic to someone being bullied. It also shows how a bit of compassion and concern from a buddy can do so much for someone being bullied.

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December 2012

HerStory a novel by Delaina M. Waldron is a paranormal/thriller that takes the reader on a journey in the life of a young African slave woman named Ayira who has a dark secret.  A dark secret she does not understand and is beyond her control.

Ayira can see the past and the future and she can also speak to the dead.  

It is the beginning of slavery in America, a Native American tribe rescues Ayira and she struggles to balance her special powers and face her dark past to help the people around her.

Ayira must overcome her fears of her dark past, survive the present and accept her destiny to help prevent the Indian tribes fatal outcomes.


ERA - Short Sci-fi/historical film

October 2017

Two naive scientists discover a way to bring people back from the past, starting with African American heroine Harriet Tubman.



One hour T.V. Pilot - Dramedy/Sci-fi

An outspoken Black woman is sent back to slavery times in America by rogue scientists and must adapt to the old ways or will the old ways adapt to her...



Horror Short Screenplay

June, 2023

A concerned young woman and her friends go up to the woods to pick up her sick brother only to discover in their selfies somethings attached to them.

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Sci-fi/Historical Short Screenplay

June 2023

Two naive scientists discover a way to bring people back from the past, starting with African American Heroine Harriet Tubman.


Wake Up

Comedy Short Screenplay

June, 2023

Guests at a funeral home are in for a Wake-Up call when their loving deceased BJ speaks at his own Wake…


The Fall and Rise of Lucifer

Thriller Short Screenplay

June 2023

The story of Lucifer the first angel created by God, Lucifer’s fall from the heavens and his reason for his rise to becoming the Devil.


Ghetto Ghost Hunters
Comedy Feature Screenplay

June, 2023

A paranormal enthusiast and her oddball friends are the last resort to take on a housing project overrun by ghosts.



Thriller Short Screenplay

June 2023

A Peeping Tom witnesses a woman's murder and it's up to him to decide on whether he will save the new occupant or just watch.


Last Stop
Horror Short Screenplay

June 2023

An insomniac bus driver is stalked by an eerie man that only she could see, but he may be her only way to survive when she gets to the last stop.



Action/Thriller Short Screenplay

June, 2023

A broken-hearted woman goes on a road trip to fix her long-distance relationship and her GPS comes to life desperately leading her to a mysterious final destination.

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Paranormal/Thriller Feature Screenplay

June 2023

It is the beginning of slavery in the Americas. A young African slave woman with special powers is rescued by a Native American Tribe and she must overcome her fears of her dark past, survive the present and prevent the Indian tribe's fatal outcomes.

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